Treatment of knee roughness and joint pain at I.D Clinic using stem cells in Ukraine

Treatment of joint pain and knee roughness


Roughness knee disease caused by the erosion of soft cartilage that covers the surface of the joint and flexible working as a cushion and help to smooth movement. Where the weakness occurs first in the cohesion of cartilage, leading to cracking of the surface and then begin gradually eroded to become the surface of the bone of naked cartilage, which is protected. And this is accompanied by corrosion inflammation of the membrane lining of the joint (the membrane Alcinovi) and is responsible for the secretion of fluid, which helps to lubricate the joint surface.

The reasons leading to the injury joints roughed

  • Genetic factors
  • Age: The age of the most important reasons for roughness of the knee.
  • Overweight: and it is one of the most important factors that lead to Roughness knee, especially in women. Where excess weight is a lamb plus on the surface of the joint cartilage and hinders the treatment of knee roughness.
  • Progress with age: after the age of fifty-increasing incidence of roughly knee in men more than women.
  • Knee: such as infections and fractures and injuries ruptured ligaments or meniscus.
  • Repeated stress of the knee: such as the frequency of falling and climbing stairs and sitting for long periods in a squatting position and practice of violent sports.
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Excessive intake of meat and legumes, which increases uric acid ratio and is what causes the roughness of the knee.


Treatment of Knee Roughness in I.D.Clinic has a several Stages Are:

  • Phase the Rehabilitation: Physical therapy, Ultrasound therapy, Confrontational (To Stimulate The workTel Of a self - the stem Cells In The Joint), The Treatment Of Inflammation In The Joint (the anti-Inflammatory Drugs) And Detailed Nutrition (And with hyaluronic acid , by vBulletin® Using).
  • Stage renewal: Involves The Use Of the stem Cells And Consist Of:
    • specialized cells of the cartilage - the recovery process starts from the roughness of the cartilage.
    • stimulating stem cells (multi-function) through a vein - to improve the currency of the body's metabolism and the formation of new blood vessels, which in turn improves nutrition joints.
    • Stem cells are the same person and are taken from the blood and the patient's fat and are injected into the joint to complete the reconstruction of the affected areas.


  • Pain knee joint
  • Some swelling may appear.
  • You may hear the sound of friction inside the joint during the move, and because of the erosion that has occurred.
  • Cramps and muscle spasms occur around the knee joint affected.
  • The extent of the lack of movement of the joint.
  • Bowlegs


The cross-knee MRI to determine the extent of damage in the joint.