Stem Cell in Ukraine


Stem cells are those cells that have the ability to grow and develop into many different types of specialized cells, the cell is a specialized cell has the ability to form a specific type of tissue, and do not have endogenous capacity in the production of a different type of tissue.

Treatment with Stem Cells

This is a simple explanation of the Stem cells used in the therapeutic plan.

Stem cells therapy is considered as a modern and holistic therapy that provides a long-term solution for the cases that traditional medicine fails to treat. This is due to the ability and effectiveness of these cells to stimulate renewal and recovery of the diseased cells. On the other hand, stem cells create new cells responsible for establishing an immune system able to combat diseases.


Stem cells represent an exciting area of ​​medicine, as they relate to their ability and their potential to rebuild and renew damaged cells, some of the current treatments such as bone marrow transplant actually rely on the use of stem cells and their ability to rebuild damaged tissue. And other treatments related to plant stem cells in the body organs exposed to atrophy and direct growth to become specialized cells to transform the damaged tissue to healthy tissue.



  • Embryonic stem cells

are cells taken in the early stages of fetal development in the first weeks , which cells have the potential to become mature and are available with special features of shape and functions in any part of the body parts.

  • Adult stem cells

exist in the entire human bodies in small numbers, and the cells of adult stem is one of cell groups that have proven to be effective for 30 years in bone marrow transplant, which unlike embryonic cells that benefit any part of the body parts are custom usually build specific part of the body, not build any tissue or organ of the body, and therefore referred to as multi - capacity stem cell cells that are available have the ability to configure different types of cells but from a specific tissue such as the ability to form red blood cells and white blood cells and platelets from multiple blood cell capacity.

  • Blood stem cells of the peripheral

most blood stem cells reside in the bone marrow, but there are few of them in the bloodstream so it can be obtained through the blood sample withdrawn, and the cells of the blood stem able to give the batch for the growth of different cells make up the blood and the immune system , including blood cells red blood platelets and lymph sacs and white blood cells or granulocytes cells.

  • Blood stem cells , umbilical cord

blood in the umbilical cord contains some of the stem cells which are genetically identical with the newborn, such as adult stem cells exist multiple stem - cell capacity is able to grow into other types of cells specific - not all parts of the body. So it is retained by the blood of the umbilical cord in the banks or are stored if a person needs later to stem cell treatment for diseases incurable may develop, and this in itself a radical solution to the complications that happen to people because of the immune system rejection of what is strange about him, he is a self - treatment of within the body of the same person, and the most common examples of these complications that occur when planting or organ transplant rejection of the body for this member intruder.

  • Stimulating stem cells

was the first attempt to stimulate human stem cells in 2007, and these cells were stem cells were highly genetically transformed cells to have the same properties of embryonic stem cells. In studies conducted on animals showed that these cells have stem cells and ample ability attributes



Common use of stem cell therapy is the blood stem cells derived from bone marrow or peripheral blood or umbilical cord. The cultivation of bone marrow treatment of most types of stem cell therapy, where prevalent cancer treated with blood-related diseases such as leukemia and other blood or those related to bone marrow disorders and common.

With bone marrow transplant process, the destruction of white blood cells and bone marrow located using chemotherapy and radiation, then the patient is injected sample of bone marrow containing movable stem cells from a healthy person incomparable tissue patient's tissues, stabilize the stem cells transplanted in the bone marrow patient where he begins production of new healthy blood cells.

The blood stem cells, umbilical cord blood stem cells and peripheral can be used instead of samples of bone marrow in the bone marrow transplant process.

Diseases could be treated with stem cells:

We use in our clinic the best and safest therapeutic methods for treatment of many medical conditions; so for the second time we can say that stem cells act by stimulation, rebuilding and renewal the co-existing body cells, these changes inhibit development of other medical conditions and help in acceleration of recovery in many serious diseases.

  • Precocious aging
  • Rehabilitation especially for athletes.
  • Autism
  • Type 1&2 diabetes
  • Infertility for males and females
  • Blood diseases
  • Kidney diseases
  • Bowel diseases
  • Retinal diseases and optic nerve degeneration.
  • Cancer: cells are administrated after chemo and radiotherapy for immune system enhancement.
  • Connective tissue diseases
  • Joint deformity, joint diseases and osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Plastic surgery