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Medical Group I.D. Clinic for Stem Cell Therapy

Summit Healthcare Services

Summit Healthcare Services

I.D. Clinic medical center group is an integrated system of specialized centers providing health care and rehabilitation options.
Our medical team under supervision of Dr. Islam Dababseh is honored to provide medical services by our Doctors who have the highest scientific degrees in many subspecialties including; stem cell transplantation, plastic surgery, Gynecology, cell therapy…etc. to cover different health needs for the Ukrainian citizens as well as our visitors all over the world, especially Arabic countries.
“Великий немецкий мыслитель Фридрих Ницше часто повторял,что красота — это обещание счастья! .”
Come over and get skincare with professional PHYRIS cosmetics and you will have the opportunity to see:

  • the uniqueness of liposomal cosmetics;
  • in high efficiency of the 3-phase concept
  • fast and prolonged result;
  • reality of patented drugs and complexes that have no analogues in the world;
  • Learn what SOMI is - drugs that activate skin's regenerative properties,
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